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  • NOV 26 2018

    PASSION FOR CLEAN MOBILITY won a Gold Medal at the New York Festivals 2019 for Special Visual Effects! 《熱愛綠色出行》喜提2019紐約廣告節特效金獎!

    Car shoots in Shanghai can be pretty standard, but our client Final Frame in Germany wanted to make this one stand out – so we went the extra mile to get super-duper cool locations for the HELLA shoot. Nanpu Bridge is as awesome as bridges get in Shanghai – and of course you need to shoot it with a drone to get the full effect. The view we shot from above and the spectacular visual effects sent our film “Passion for Clean Mobility” soaring above the competition at New York Festivals 2019, snagging the Gold World Medal for Special Visual Effects! 


    在上海,很拍出彩。我的客,來自德國的Final Frame卻不滿足于常,希望能做出點不一來。在HELLA視頻中,我余力去找上海最酷的拍攝場景。尤其是南浦大,是上海個大都市大氣繁忙的交通展現!當然,不能少了無人機的航拍大全景。這個南浦大橋俯瞰和美輪美奐的特效制作相得益彰,讓《熱愛綠色出行》短片在2019年的紐約廣告節中大放異彩,摘得特效金獎!


    Mandarin Film helped Final Frame produce a film for HELLA in Shanghai last August. Shanghai is one of the world’s largest growth markets for hybrid and electric vehicles.


    World lighting and electronics expert HELLA explains what current and future concepts for electric mobility could look like in the new film “Passion for Clean Mobility”.


    The challenge was to show how electronic mobility works in Shanghai’s most fascinating locations, including the bund, Lujiazui financial district, and the incredibly magnificent Nanpu Bridge.


    Passion for Clean Mobility《熱愛綠色出行》


    Mandarin Film worked with lead agency Final Frame in Germany to develop the creative aspects, lock down the cast and characters, and managed all local logistics including crew and kit hiring. The foreign crew worked seamlessly with a supportive local team, including the camera team, hair/ make up team, lighting team.  More from behind the scenes, please click here.


    華影與來自德國的Final Frame合作,確定短片創意,選取演員,并且協調提供本地拍攝人員及設備。外方攝制團隊和中方團隊,包括攝影組,化妝組,燈光組等進行了非常默契的合作。更多精彩的幕后花絮請點擊這里


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