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  • SEP 14 2018

    Walking the Yangtze takes its first steps 《徒步長江》項目啟動

    Mandarin Film has developed a new TV and interactive web series following travel adventurer Ash Dykes on his mission to be the first person to walk the entire length of the Yangtze River.  The show is provisionally entitled Walking the Yangtze: Into the Heart of China.

    華影青橙正在策劃一個新的電視和互動網絡系列片,該片將跟隨第一位徒步穿越整條長江的旅行探險家Ash Dykes。節目暫命名為《徒步長江:走進中國腹地》

    In this incredible new series, British adventurer Ash Dykes takes us on his most ambitious record- attempt yet: the Yangtze, which is the longest river in Asia and spans across 6,380km long. 

    在這部全新的非同凡響的系列片里,英國探險家Ash Dykes將帶領我們領略他最具野心的創紀錄探索:亞洲最長的河流----長江,全長6380千米。

    Starting with the freezing temperatures in the west to a tropical environment in the east, Ash’s survival skills as well as his curiosity for new cultures and adventures will make this an unforgettable epic adventure and a world record. 


    Ash has now officially made it to the source of the Yangtze river on his second attempt and is beginning his world-first, 4,000 mile #MissionYangtze expedition. He's returned with a stronger support crew and his trusty(?) horse, Caster Troy, ready to take on the first and most dangerous 200 miles of terrain as they head towards mountain village Qumarleb over the next 2-3 weeks.


    The ‘Traditional Source’ was one start point considered to begin the journey, however Ash chose to begin at the harder-to-reach ‘Scientific Source’, ensuring that #MissionYangtze started at the official, scientifically recognised source of the Yangtze river for this world-first adventure, as mapped by the China Exploration and Research Society.


    Click here to see estimated timelines for when Ash is expecting to pass through the different stages of the journey and follow him in real time on the Live Tracker to see if he is on target to meet his time goals.

    點擊鏈接 來查看Ash整個旅途的時間軸,上面會顯示不同的階段他會途徑哪些不同的地方。也可以在Live Tracker上實時地追隨他的行程,也可以看他是否完成了時間軸預設的目標。

    Mandarin Film is partnering with global distributor Bomanbridge and web and TV partners in China and internationally to produce the TV and web series that has already begun production and will be delivered in late 2019.


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